The Quest For An Olympic Gold Medal In Home Renovations - One Vancouver Street Block At A Time

Olympic Gold Medal in Home Renovations - One Vancouver Street Block at a Time

At Olmani Renovations, we're happy to say that 70% of our business comes from previous customers. We've worked hard to perform excellent work and to build trust with our customers.

But our unofficial goal of world domination doesn't come easy, my friends. It takes patience, hard work, a bit of luck, and, of course, having an entire block of Olmani cheerleaders doesn't hurt either.

No, seriously. Here's how it all began.

The Customer Who Kept Coming Back - 7 Years and Counting!

Approximately 7 years ago I received a call from a woman named Frances who was inquiring about some renovations she wanted done in her Vancouver home.

It started with a front porch and basement update which ended up being a relatively small job. Since this project, however, Frances has called us back every year for the past 7 years!

In that time my team and I have renovated her kitchen, two big decks, a bathroom, her basement, as well as exterior home repairs.

After we finished her first project - at approximately the same time - we received inquires from both of her next-door neighbours, Megan and Laiwon, about renovations they needed done.

The Curious Next Door Neighbours

Megan and Laiwon had both heard Frances' renovations going on, and after receiving a positive nod from her, they both reached out.

Megan's project was exterior work that included a new deck, front porch, and a fence around her yard.

Laiwon's project had both interior and exterior elements. We ended up doing a bathroom renovation and external home repair for her.

During these three projects the Olmani logo was seen out front for several months. Naturally, neighbours started wondering who these Olmani people really were!

After speaking with Frances, a neighbour across the street named Russell was next in line to work with Olmani. Little did Russell know, however, that he would soon become his street's unofficial Olmani cheerleader.

Claiming New Territory - The Jump Across The Street

Russell called us about an attic renovation that he had big ideas for. He wanted to convert the attic into a living space from the regular creepy cobwebby place that attics tend to be.

We managed to transform it into a getaway for Russell and a living space for his guests, including one bedroom and one bathroom.

Cynthia Calls; 5 Homes Claimed

Located beside Russell, Cynthia waited until our renovation with him was done before she gave us a call. On her laundry list of renovations she wanted done was a sunroom, bathrooms on the main and upper floors, and a back deck that needed some love.

When we finished Cynthia's renovation this small block had seen Olmani on and off with various homes for quite some time. One neighbour, however, didn't seem to understand our claimed territory!

Our previous customer Russell noticed this neighbour getting renovations done with a company that wasn't Olmani. Understanding the nature of our claim to his street, he went right away and did something about it.

"What are you doing here?"

"We're doing some renovations for your neighbour."

"You are not allowed. This is Olmani's block!" Russell jokingly stood up for us against these adversaries. In the end, of course, it's all in good fun.

We pride ourselves on doing quality work and developing real relationships with our customers. When the referrals pile in and we claim an entire street, it's an added bonus.

Thanks to everyone on our favourite little East Vancouver street. World domination aside, it's your loyalty that's our reward :-)