4 Budget Considerations To Think About Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation

Vancouver Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are one of the most exciting types of project that we have the pleasure of working on here at Olmani. After all, the bathroom is a highly personal space where many of our customers head to unwind after a long, busy day at work. 

Due to the personal nature of the bathroom and everyone's unique relationship with theirs (comforting, utilitarian, spa-like, modern, warm, cold, etc) it's important that both homeowner and contractor communicate throughout the project to ensure a final product that everyone can be proud of.

With this in mind, we decided to put together the top 4 budget considerations things that homeowners should think about (and discuss with their contractor) before starting their bathroom renovation project. 

1. Project Budget

Bathroom renovations are a great way to add value to your home. This being said, there's all sorts of ways that unscrupulous contractors can balloon an agreed upon project quote to one ending up multiples higher. For this reason (and from observing these contractors over 17 years) we put together our quality guarantee.

Bathrooms can vary wildly in price, due to many of these factors:

  • the size (square footage) of the bathroom

  • the scope of the project (are you touching up your bathroom or gutting it?)

  • the quality of materials used

  • any internal work that needs to be updated

As a general rule of thumb, quality contractors (who will deliver on their quotes) will require $450 / square foot for a bathroom renovation. 

For some visual inspiration as well as homeowner bathroom budget stories, check out this slideshow about bathroom renovations on Houzz.

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2. Materials Budget

Often homeowners try to source their own materials because they believe it will lower the cost of the project. This certainly can be the case, but an important point to keep in mind is that reputable contractors will have strong relationships with their suppliers and can often pass significant savings on to their customers (by purchasing wholesale instead of retail).

Before the bathroom renovation project begins, make sure to discuss with your significant other as well as your contractor about who is going to be purchasing the materials. Even if the homeowner ends up deciding to purchase the materials themselves, they'll certainly pick up knowledge about the building materials that will perform best for their unique bathroom needs.

3. Terms of Payment

Pre-work deposits are common nowadays, but quality contractors can be more flexible because of their vast amount of experience. Here at Olmani, we offer on-location quotes for $160 (this amount is taken off the project cost if you hire Olmani Development), and can also do a quick free quote over the phone if you are able to provide details about your project. This is our way of putting our customers at ease.

Apart from the initial deposit (or lack thereof), it's important to have clarity on the payment terms of the project as a whole so there are no surprises as the project nears completion.

4. Time Budget

Bathroom renovations, in general, have a higher cost per square foot than other home renovations but due to the complexity and number of trades involved, this is a fact rightly so. Design, demolition, dry wall and paint, plumbing and electrical trades are all required at specific points in time during the project.

Considering time, it's important to discuss with your contractor how long you expect the project to take. Sketching out milestones and adding in a buffer for unforeseen issues will keep both parties relaxed and productive.

Be Prepared to Communicate For The Best Renovation Experience

A bathroom renovation is a stressful time for homeowners, and can be made especially so if the above budget questions have not been answered. Take some time with your significant other beforehand, and sit down with your contractor to get everything in place before beginning the renovation. I guarantee that the renovation will go much more smoothly!

Olmani Renovations offers complete bathroom renovation services in the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Check out our most recent bathroom projects and give us a call at 604-376-3192 when you're ready for a quote!